FOREVER 21!!! (and more as usual)

I know,I know I am not 21…but this is the place to shop!

I ♥ FOREVER 21! The first time i saw this store was when my mom whent to the mall and shopped there that was when it was called x21 I think I am not sure……good times goood tiiimmeess! *ahem anyways uh…….here is some tight outfits yo!!! I know I have issues it runs in the family……

This is Twelve by Twelve

Okay…I am sorry to say but this “forever 21” is now over…..TIME FOR RANDOM STUFF!

Okay….I am mad because I have not seen Eclipse yet……anyways have you seen the movie trailers of Salt?

That looks like it is going to sell very nicely!!!


Well this is the end of my long blog…….I have to wash my daddy’s Hair


b.t.w i am going to make a HUGE change to my blog….. my sister’s blog and my blog will be join in one big SUPERBLOG…*ahem….i hope you guys like it – Sally-ann

Okay the person of the Day is……


Fashion again!!!

Isn’t fashion the best thing invented? When you wear the best clothes you feel like the most alive person on EARTH…….*ahem anyways uh… is fashion i like……


Celeb’s Babies!!! (and other stuff)

Okay we all know who the cutest celeb baby is….

Nahla Berry Is the cutest baby in the WORLD


Okay this is not about the 10 cutest babies in the world….

I never saw Jessica Alba’s baby before….so here is Honor Marie Warren (Her daddy’s last name)

HAHA! Look at the babies face!!


Suri is not a baby,but I have to put her into this because she is so cute!!!

Now that this baby stuff is getting boring I just want to talk about Coco Chanel!

I watched this movie called Coco Before Chanel…..and it was a very nice movie!

Anyways R.I.P for her and the man she fell in ♥ with that is nicknamed “boy”


On my opinion…I think that Coco Chanel is the best fashion designer…..though I like others



I am mad at myself because I keep on missing the BET Awards….I bet when I go to school people are going to talk about it…….I will just watch it on Youtube time to see Part 1 and 2 and 3 instead of having it all together…..

Changing Subjects…..

I want to talk about futuristic buildings! Random right?


Okay I have to go now my sister is giving me the look….and wants to go on the computer to search some dumb stuff for her dumb mind just kidding!


Person of the day is:

Donatella Versace

My Playlist

This is my playlist…it’s not really finished yet….My Playlist

These clothes are CUTE!!!!

Man these outfits are soo cute!!!

I have to blog about them….

The Mona Lisa

Anyways….school is coming around the corner & yesturday my mom got this cute hair-cut…….

I wanted to do the same only mine will be like this

I have to ask my mom………but the thing is my hair is soooo long!

I have to make a desision….but anyways who cares if I cut it…It will grow right back….

And I could put different colors in there….MAN I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Me & Sis

This blog is only about me & my sis’ photoshoot!

Well…we took pictures with our dad’s phone!☺

(I am the one wearing glasses)

I look like I was sleeping!☻

Well….that is the end of my blog….I lost my ipod and I need to find it…

O here is person of the day!

Robie Patti

Just kidding Robert Pattinson (man his last name is HARD to spell)


Do you like my new background?

I just got it now (sorry if it takes a long time for this page to load)