Are officially the shiz right now….and I am inside of the frenzy…of course

I had to get myself a clog…..

Exactly like this

Shopping and clothes and fashion are 3 things I like to talk about (the #1 is food, i think)

I really ♥ lace leggings!!!


Because they can come in different designs and you could put them with alot of stuff


I saw a tuxedo dress one day…..and I really liked the idea and the look



I like boyfriends jeans because they are baggy…but not too baggy….♥


 Heels with zippers and rips (the good rips) and rhinestones…hmmm can’t think of anymore…but those are good stuff to have on heels





O yeah forgot snakeskin and a texture like that


Tuxedo heels are nice too….I think everything that has to do with tuxedo looks fab!!



I noticed in magazines and headlines and etc. that people are wearing the Chanel temorary tattoos…I would wear one….if I found out where in the world they sell it…






People think that they are kind of weird…but I think that it’s different and chic (chic pronounced “sheec”)

I think that Chanel rocks…


I have to ask you a question…..

“Uh…have you ever thought of taking ALL of your Barbie dolls and made them into a hat…..O yeah and the Barbie dolls are naked….”

Pretty psycho right…?



I think it's very creative.....(not something you see everyday...)

I really ♥ her rings!!


Yes….they did (Here is the *details)

 GREY GOOSE®, the “World’s Best Tasting Vodka,” joins forces with renowned couture milliner, Ellen Christine, to create a one-of-a-kind hat to be worn exclusively at the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 1st at Churchill Downs.

Beginning May 2nd, a collection of hats inspired by the original will also be available for retail at Ellen Christine Millinery.

“The Kentucky Derby is considered the most prestigious horse race in the world and therefore a very important event for GREY GOOSE Vodka,” commented Shane M. Graber, vice president and brand managing director, GREY GOOSE Vodka. “We are proud to have Ms. Romijn–a woman with such presence, style, and elegance—working with the GREY GOOSE brand on such an exciting charitable endeavor.”

*Information from

Well….I gotta go…the person of the day is

Audrey Hepburn!

A fashion icon


“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”- Coco Chanel